Health, Safety, Security, Environment (HSSE)

Constantia Flexibles promotes the constant development of Health & Safety at work with the aim of continuous and sustainable improvement of the work environment by managing all related hazards and risks to avert any potential adverse effect to Humans, Finance, our Reputation and the Environment.

Constantia Flexibles acting as a worldwide team integrates this overarching approach with regard to HSSE being part of our daily business-life. We strive for achieving our goal of “ZERO LOSS – NO HARM” for protecting all our assets and declare ourselves accountable from the entrepreneurial view.

As part of our ongoing efforts to avert harmful losses, we provide our workforce with trainings, which are most relevant to their role creating awareness and understanding of hazards attached to their work. Further combined efforts will be realized to accelerate our quality of work.

Constantia Flexibles started to establish a HSSE-framework undertaking certain enhancements by implementing group-standards, providing Safety-Leadership trainings for Senior Management and by having competent HSSE-experts at all organizational levels available.

This global HSSE-community – lead by the Group function – continuously develops and delivers Safety Initiatives and shares group wide lessons we have already learnt due to near misses or even accidents to prevent their re-occurrence.

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HSSE Contact

Monika Russwurm
Vice President
Group HSSE