Constantia Ebert GmbH

Founded in 1949, we have since evolved into one of the most competitive suppliers of films. Breakthrough innovations such as the invention of Wrapstar® and Ecotwist®, twist-films produced from in-house manufactured polyolefins, and its evolution into other market driven products have consistently been the basis of our success.

As a specialist supplier of all types of packaging and wraps for sweets and candy, we are recognized as a reliable partner by the confectionery industry. Constantia Ebert leads the way in twist wrapping film with an extensive range of capabilities under one roof, including films manufacture, vacuum metallizing, printing and slitting. Supply security and consistently high quality is assured.

Constantia Ebert GmbH is a member of Constantia Flexibles headquartered in Vienna, Austria.


Alte Schmelze 26
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